The Lekkarod

History and philosophy of our stage sled dog race

LEKKAROD is a long distance stage race that wants to stay forever on what should be the philosophy of every single sled dog race.

“Respect”, a leitmotiv for Lekkarod

  • Perfect respect of the dogs, when conceiving the trails, through the length of stages but moreover by big resting times and the “dog pool” rule that help the musher to rest the dogs who need to. The 24/24 veterinary survey, and education tools provided through future years to mushers and handlers will also help improve the care of racing dogs, which is already good for most people.

  • Perfect respect of racers (mushers) and of their helpers (handlers) who either share the same effort than their dogs on the trail, or give everything they can so that the dogs are petted, fed, taken care of, and sometimes treated as marvelous teddy bears!

  • Perfect respect of nature, by actions as simple as cleaning its resting place or the stake out, but also by respecting the trails provided by the alpine winter resorts where Lekkarod goes.