He is perhaps the most southern Lekkarod musher, and when we hear his name, we quickly guess his origins: the Basque Country. Eneko Agirre Irazoki returns for this 3rd edition and will for the first time be surrounded by handlers … let’s not say more and let him make you discover it 😉

Eneko, it’s a pleasure to see you again this year. When we have a look on the list of mushers, we see a flag of the Basque Country. Can you tell us about your home land ? 

Basque Country is a very nice place. I come from a small town near the Pirineos. There are lots of small mountains so we can train very well with the dogs.

Are there a lot of mushers out there?

Yes, there are several : Baltasar Gallardo, Iker Ozkoidi, Andoni Azpillaga, Itoitz Armendariz, Iskander Rodriguez…

Can you tell us about your dogs?

The team for the Lekkarod is the same : 5 females (Ara, Sua, Ilargi, Orhi, Marijaia) and 3 males (Lenny, Lagun, Beltz). They are strong dogs for the slopes but they are not very fast.

What makes you vibrate as a musher?

I like the mountain, I love the dogs so…

Can you tell us about your season: which race did you participate in, how did the dogs ?

This year I participate in one race in Soria but the race was very bad. The organization was bad, the snow was bad, the weather was bad… we run only one stage and them we came back home. The dogs worked very well, we win the race so I was very happy with them.

We are going to do the championships in Spain (note: it was last week, Eneko had to give it up after a transport problem) and from the finish line we will train for the Lekkarod.

 What is your goal on this 3rd Lekkarod ?

This year in Lekkarod I want to enjoy with the dog and my family. This year my parents will be my handlers for the first time on a big competition !                       It´s a special year for us. When I was racing, they were at home and following me by phone. This year, they will be there to help me with dogs!

How would you describe the Lekkarod in 3 words ?

Big mushing party!!!


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