If you walk along the trails of the Lekkarod, you can not miss him : Alberto has always a smile, a gesture, a word accomplice. The German, musher for 23 years, fell in love with the Lekkarod in 2017 and returns this year with his fifteen dogs.

Alberto, you’re going to participate in your 2nd consecutive Lekkarod, I imagine that you spent a great time with us last year ?

Oh wow yes for sure we have had a really good time with all the staff….good people, I love them all.

Is there a special moment you remember ?

My  special moment was when Mr. Dominique Grandjean said to me : “This Race is made for Mushers like you and you take the Spirit of Lekkarod inside your heart”.. great words, I will never forget them.

Let’s talk about this 3rd édition. How was your season, how are the dogs ?

Well  we started on the Alpentrail (Italy) and Inzell (Germany) with one bivouac stage to take some kilometers in race. But most of the time we spent it on endurance training for our main event, Lekkarod. The dogs are in good condition, yes they feel good.

What is your goal on this race ?

I want to finish the race with healthy dogs and to have some specials moments in the wonderfull Alps.

How would you describe the Lekkarod in 3 words ?

Best race ever…

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